About LED House

We, the LED HOUSE are the largest distributor of LEDs, Capacitors and Diodes all across India. Established in August 1997, we are a Mumbai, based company that has many ‘firsts’ under its belt. Here is a list of products and services that LED HOUSE is proud of:

  • LED House is the first company to introduce an array of world-class LED, Capacitor and Diode products in India, which include 5mm Pitch box capacitors (+-5% tolerance) of Vishay Roedrstein make.
  • We are the first company to introduce 120degree SMD LED of USA made from DIGITILE LIGHT.
  • We are the sole distributors of the world-class WMEC branded capacitors in India. WMSE manufactures MOV, NTC, High voltages ceramic, Electrolytic Capacitors and many more such products.

Today, we are still the only distributors in India that are specialized in these three products i.e. LEDs, Capacitors and Diodes. We hold a well organized network of distributors and dealers across India, which supports our customers with high quality products and provides personal and modern services.

We promise to deliver high quality products and fast services to our customers. This, in-fact, has become the trade secret of the tremendous growth and success of LED house. Our clientele include all major OME's, Traders and Government sectors in India.

Day Lite : All types of standared Normanl Led of Super Bright Led for Domestic grade to industrial Applications .

WMEC Electronices : Safty Ceramic disc High Volatges Ceramic Disk capacitores, Zince Oxide Varistors , NTC Thermistor eletronic capacitor, Poly Flin cap & Box Type Cap.

Dioded : Full range of Starend Rectifere Didodes , Standred Rectifire Didodes, Schotty Didoes , Fast reccovery SMD , Didoes ,& Bridge rectrifier brands likes MICE , RECTRON, GI, GOODARK, PH, TFK, and many more....

We respect and value the requirements stated by our customers. Hence, we consider it as our duty to fulfill our customers' requirements. We are committed to achieve utmost customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products and services. Our aim is to provide quality products at competitive price to our customers.